Ph.D. Scholarship in Particle Physics

The Particle Physics group of the University of Antwerpen (Belgium) would like to announce the availability of a Ph.D. scholarship for an outstanding student.

The main topic of research of the group is the experimental study of fundamental interactions at large accelerators like the LHC at CERN, Geneva, and HERA at DESY, Hamburg. The group is presently involved in the CMS and H1 international collaborations and is active in the fields of QCD and diffraction, Higgs searches, supersymmetry and the search for extra dimensions. The research subject for this particular scholarship is the study of diffractive ep interactions using data obtained with the Very Forward Proton Spectrometer of the H1 experiment at HERA.

The scholarship is available for an initial period of 1 year, with a possible extension of up to 4 years. Ample computing facilities and a supporting research environment are available to the candidate. The scholarship is expected to lead to a Ph.D. degree at the University of Antwerpen.

To qualify, the candidates should have a master degree in Physics and demonstrate a strong motivation for fundamental research in an international environment.

Interested applicants should submit a curriculum vitae and arrange to have two letters of recommendation sent to Pierre Van Mechelen, preferably before November 30, 2007. More information about the position can be obtained at the same address. The preferred method to apply is via e-mail, but applications are also accepted by regular mail at the following address:

Pierre Van Mechelen
Departement Fysica
Universiteit Antwerpen (CGB)
Groenenborgerlaan 171
2020 Antwerpen

Tel.: +32-3-265-3573
Fax.: +32-3-265-3318