Post-Doctoral positions
We have each year multiple openings for  post-doctoral fellows
  • in all areas (theory, experiment, phenomenology)
  • in all the Belgian nodes of this network. 
(in running mode, approx. 15 postdocs are expected in the network )

In addition to postdocs directly funded by the IUAP contract, and special fellowships for Eastern countries scientists, other positions on different funding may be available in the various groups;it is thus advisable to contact them directly.
Most groups offer postdoc positions, applications deadline dec 1rst, 2007 for theory for start in fall 2008, open applications for experimental groups.


Currently opened positions in individual groups :

  How to apply...    
  • Please contact directly the participating institute(s) where you would prefer to conduct the main part of
    your research. (in case of doubt, contact by email the address below)
    When applying, you should provide us with your CV, a research summary and  have three letters of
    recommendation sent
    (also preferably by Email, directly  by the scientist signing it)
  It might be a good idea to check our research program first.
  Of course, given the nature of this network, not only candidates working in the activities already represented,
but also and foremost those bridging gaps between the groups are encouraged to apply.