Study Groups
  • New Experiments Task Force

    At a time when the study of Fundamental Interactions stretches across an increasingly wide territory, (from gravitation at short distance to collider experiments, related or not to dark matter, to the direct or indirect search of dark matter, just to name a few..), it appears very important to plan for the future. Beligum has limited resources, but our team work opens a number of new possibilities.

    For this reason, we have set up a task force, with the double brief:
    • to review a wide range of experiments or observations of potential interest for the understanding of fundamental interactions
    • in a latter stage, to provide a number of concrete proposals of participation in experiments.

This task force will report to the board, which, after approval, will make the conclusions widely available to the belgian scientific community and the funding authorities.

Particular attention will be paid to the scientific output, the technical feasibility, the interest of the technologies involved, the possible connection with other fields, and the adequation to the manpower and funding available.

This task is also listed as Work Package 8 in the IAP VI/11 project.

As a help in fulfilling this, the taskforce has set up a dedicated web page, easily editable (in WIKI style using ).